These are test results provided by Software Reviewers and Beta Testers.


These are the results, as they came into our VCP Master Mind Facebook Group, that you get access to once you've become a member.

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You can see Most of these in our VCP MasterMind Group, that you get access to once you become a member.
Make Money While You sleep 1

See Notes and More results from our Test Reviewer above Nina!

"Enclosed are some searches for Anaheim CA and a few searches with no city in search that also rank.
I set out to rank 100 cities, so have similar results across many.

You will notice that even though the search term includes Anaheim, I rank for other cities too b/c of the way I did my kws in vcp, have many variaitons, etc."

Starting with competition, then listings for these terms in both Google And Youtube.
















All Up Nina Supplied 60 Image Captures. There were just too many to list here. But I think you get the idea, this is what Nina put together while helping beta test the software, when you see her in the VCP MasterMind Group, say thanks, she was a massive help in the ongoing development of this VCP Software.